Fajnova - Strategický plán rozvoje města Ostrava 2017 – 2023. Oficiální značka města Ostravy určená pro komunikaci s obyvateli a šíření informací o projektech města.
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Financial donations of up to 100 000 CZK are available to applicants who run a business in Ostrava (or who have

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New Expat Centre in Ostrava will help foreign residents

On 2 March 2020, Ostrava will open a brand-new centre providing assistance to foreigners coming to live in the city

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Ostrava is part of an international project focusing on modern urban ENERGY transformation

A new international project called POTEnT featuring 8 European cities and energy agencies aims to share experience and offer a

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“The winning entry is an amazing work of architecture.” A New York studio has won the competition to design Ostrava’s new concert hall.

In August of last year, the City of Ostrava launched one of the most important architectural competitions in its history

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Ostrava will host a new green lab!

Ostrava is set to receive over 50 million CZK of EU funding for a project to improve air quality in

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Six top architectural studios to participate in the competition for the concert hall

The participants of one of the most important architectural competitions in the city’s history, the competition for the new Ostrava

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The university facility for Ostrava worth a billion CZK

The University of Ostrava managed to obtain European funding for the construction of a new university facility at Černá louka

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New car parks to relieve the centre of Ostrava

Hundreds of new parking spaces will be built near the City Centre. In the wider centre, there will be traffic

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