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Janáčkova Street in Ostrava’s city centre is the location for a brand-new seven-floor apartment complex. Work on the new development began at the end of September 2019 and was finished in June 2021.

The complex comprises 26 apartments for rent, and it was being built by the Bystroň Group (the winner of the tender) for a total cost of 71.8 million CZK (including VAT). The City of Ostrava has taken over the project from the municipal district of Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, the original coordinator.

The complex contains 26 apartments of various sizes:

  • 1 apartment with 4 rooms (100 m2)
  • 4 apartments with 3 rooms (92 m2)
  • 21 apartments with 2 rooms (45 – 85 m2).

The central courtyard area offers 16 parking spaces. The complex was designed by Ostrava-based studio KOHL Architekti s.r.o.

As part of the project, Masná Street, which currently runs from Kolejní Street to Stodolní Street, will be extended as far as Janáčkova Street, providing access to the new buildings which will occupy formerly vacant land. To the west of the complex will be the Plato modern art gallery. The street extension will serve both the apartment complex and the revitalized historic municipal slaughterhouse site, which is being converted into a gallery.

The apartment complex is not the only residential development being built by the City of Ostrava (or at the planning stage). Similar projects include:


Media responses to the Janáčkova St. apartment complex (in Czech)

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