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The new apartment complex being built at Kostelní St. / Biskupská St. is part of the City’s efforts to revitalize the historic city centre – an ambition which is dependent on increasing the number of residents living in this part of Ostrava. The City is involved in a number of a number of projects (currently at various stages) to build new residential developments or modernize existing apartment blocks. These projects will create around 200 additional apartments in the city centre.

The Kostelní-Biskupská apartment complex consists of two buildings (6 and 7 floors) which will contain 33 residential units and 43 underground parking spaces.

Built area: approx. 1 725 m²

  • above-ground part: 879 m²
  • underground part: 846 m²

The visual appearance of the complex will be based on the winning entry to an architectural competition, submitted by the Brno-based architect Michal Palaščák. The recessed terraces on the façades flanking the space between the buildings will enable more natural light to enter the apartments, while also forming an attractive new public space on an intimate scale. Large areas of the roofs will consist of terraces with greenery, which will belong to individual apartments.

Geological and hydrogeological surveys were carried out at the site in March 2020; this was an essential precondition for project planning to begin. The construction permit process is currently underway. It is estimated that construction will begin in 2024, and the scheduled completion date is 2026.

The site is currently vacant. It contains recycling bins, a service entrance to the underground sewer system, a grassy area and an open-air car park. More information on access to the site.

Detailed information about the site, including various supporting documents, can be found at the City’s real estate website pozemky.ostrava.cz.

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