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The City’s goal is to support the development of paid Park + Ride (P+G) and Park + Go (P+G) parking facilities in Ostrava, so it has prepared a number of parking garage projects for which it is now seeking developers. The P+R parking garage at Ostrava’s cathedral will address the long-term lack of parking spaces in the city centre, which currently offers just 2000 spaces. As part of a wider-ranging project to revitalize the area around the cathedral (CZ) in the upcoming years, around 100 existing parking spaces will be lost, and the new garage will compensate for these losses – as well as greatly enhancing the quality of public space in the vicinity of the cathedral.


The new parking garage will be situated on two parcels of land (nos. 461/1 and 461/2, Moravská Ostrava cadastral area) covering a total area of 2 038 m². The site is in the heart of the city centre, bounded by the cathedral square (Náměstí Msgre. Šrámka), Zámecká Street, and part of Masaryk Square (to the south-west). The site is currently used as a parking lot operated by the City’s road management corporation, and part of it is occupied by two temporary single-floor structures (a newsagent’s kiosk, a waffle house/nail studio).

The planned parking garage will replace the current open-air parking lot and increase parking capacity in the city centre.

It will have:

  • 7 above-ground levels and 2 floors underground
  • 417 parking spaces.
  • commercial units and other amenities.

The development will respect the requirements of heritage protection regulations; the façade will be in keeping with the surrounding architecture, and its height will not exceed that of the adjacent department store.

Architectural competition

In June 2020 an architectural competition was announced for the new parking garage; the deadline for sending letters of interest was 31 July. The City of Ostrava received 36 letters of interest, and on the basis of the portfolios submitted it selected three applicants that were invited to submit complete design proposals; the deadline for submission was 20 November 2020. On 27 November the professional jury selected the winner of the competition: Chalupa architekti.

The competition is being organized by Ostrava’s Municipal Studio for Urban Planning and Architecture (MAPPA).

The estimated cost of the garage is 496 million CZK.

Detailed information on the project can be found at the City’s website WWW.LAND.OSTRAVA.CZ.


The parking garage at cathedral in the media (in Czech)

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