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Výstavba nové koncertní haly za budovou Domu kultury města Ostravy s perfektní akustikou a kapacitou 1200-1400 diváků. V roce 2018 byla na podobu koncertní haly vyhlášena architektonická soutěž, kterou vyhrálo studio Steven Holl Architects + Architecture Acts z New Yorku. Spolu s výstavbou nové budovy dojde také k rekonstrukci Domu kultury.

The new concert hall will be located at a site directly adjacent to the existing City of Ostrava Cultural Centre. It will provide a home for the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra. The hall will be built to the design which won the architectural competition, submitted by New York-based Steven Holl Architects in conjunction with the Prague studio Architecture Acts. Construction will begin in 2023, and the completion of the work is scheduled for 2025.

A project of this scale and quality will represent a major boost to Ostrava’s international cultural prestige. Most people associate Sydney with its iconic opera house, and the Berliner Philharmonie is not only a wonderful venue for the city’s cultural life, but also a bold and much-admired example of experimental architecture. Ostrava’s new concert hall will be a similarly iconic world-class venue that will attract orchestras and visitors from all over the world.

Architectural design

The winner of the international architectural competition for the new concert hall was the New York studio STEVEN HOLL ARCHITECTS in conjunction with Prague-based ARCHITECTURE ACTS.

While the new concert hall is being built, the existing cultural centre will also undergo complete reconstruction. The estimated cost of the entire project is 2 billion CZK.  The City of Ostrava, the Moravian-Silesian Region, and the Ministry of Culture will cover the cost all together based on the memorandum.

For the latest information about progress on the project, see the Facebook page Ostrava Concert Hall (only in Czech) or the website.


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