Revitalizing the historic city centre


The Reconstruction of the High-rise by Eva Jiřičná

The renowned AI – DESIGN studio, headed by the architects Eva Jiřičná and Petr Vágner, has completed a detailed proposal for the

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P+R parking garage at Ostrava cathedral

The City’s goal is to support the development of paid Park + Ride (P+G) and Park + Go (P+G) parking

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Revitalization of the historic municipal slaughterhouse building

Those citizens of Ostrava who fought to preserve this historic building will feel great satisfaction at the implementation of this

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Nové Lauby residential development

The City of Ostrava’s Nové Lauby residential development is revitalizing the historic city centre to make it an increasingly attractive

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Apartment complex on Janáčkova Street

Janáčkova Street in Ostrava’s city centre is the location for a brand-new seven-floor apartment complex. Work on the new development

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