Strategic projects

Ostrava – where new stories begin. That’s the vision that the city plans to make a reality during the next years. Ostrava will be implementing a range of projects to help achieve this vision, creating an energized city that offers a high quality of life for all generations and attracts talented people to live and work here. Ostrava will become a confident European city – a city that’s closer to its people, to nature, and to the rest of the world.
In the period up to 2023, Ostrava will be implementing projects focusing on 3 core priorities (A Vibrant Regional Capital, Wealth in People, A Healthy City) consisting of 7 strategic goals. You can see a full list of the projects here:




  • Bazaly – youth football training centre
  • Integration of disabled students and teaching room for manual skills/technical subjects
  • Keys to the future of our children at school facilities in Ostrava II
  • Life & Environment Research Center Ostrava (LERCO)
  • Local action plan for the development of education in Ostrava I, II, III
  • Moravian-Silesian Research Library
  • New university study programmes
  • Stomatology degree programme at the University of Ostrava
  • Platform for research focusing on Industry 4.0 and robotics in the Ostrava agglomeration
  • Programme supporting bilingual and foreign-language teaching at preschools, primary and secondary schools in Ostrava
  • Programme supporting education and talent management
  • Creating equal access to education in Ostrava I, II, III
  • Competition for architecture faculty students focusing on functional public spaces
  • Technology and business academy
  • University campus at Černá Louka
  • Improved conditions for the development of strategic study programes at Ostrava Technical University


  • Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies (CEET)
  • Research Centre for Energy and Social Change (REFRESH)
  • National Energy Centre
  • Ostrava Craft Incubator
  • Development of the IT4Innovations national supercomputing centre
  • Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre Ostrava – expansion of the Science and Technology Park
  • Hrušov development zone – Contera Park Ostrava D1
  • Development fund to support the construction of infrastructure for SMEs
  • Poruba tram depot – smart quarter



  • English park
  • Plzeňská St. shooting range complex
  • Bikesharing Ostrava
  • Mental Health Centre
  • Hulváky seniors’ home
  • Home for handicapped clients (MIKASA)
  • Public transport telematics
  • Aesthetic improvements to and replacement of street furniture
  • The Grossmann villa
  • Humanization of tram routes and modernization of power lines
  • Integrated transport systems
  • Complete reconstruction of the Jiří Myron Theatre
  • Municipal Studio for Urban Planning and Architecture (MAPPA)
  • Family-friendly places
  • Na Karolině St. bridge
  • System preventing loss of housing and offering support to households at risk of homelessness
  • New Poruba tram line
  • Ostrava360° – Regulation of advertising in the city
  • Alternative fuels for Ostrava
  • Parking garages -Parking garage at Ostrava City Hospital,  Parking garage on 28. října St.,
  • P+R car park – Hlubina coal mine
  • P+R car park – Hlučínská tram terminus
  • Piloting the social housing concept
  • Náměstí Republiky transport interchange
  • Refill project
  • Smetanovo náměstí vacant lot
  • Connecting the city centre with Nová Karolina
  • Reconstruction and modernization of Ostrava City Hospital
  • Reconstruction of the Domeček children’s centre
  • Reconstruction of the Kotva junction and public transport stop
  • Reconstruction of the main square in Ostrava-Jih
  • Reconstruction of the Ostravica-Textilia department store
  • Reconstruction of the Ostrčilova St. tower block
  • Reconstruction and extension of the Korýtko seniors’ home
  • Revitalization of the Bedřiška housing scheme
  • Revitalization of Opavská St. and 28. října St.
  • Revitalization of Místecká St.
  • Revitalization of public spaces at the Kotva shopping centre and outside the Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Revitalization of housing estates in Ostrava
  • Revitalization of public space – Duha complex
  • Development of the area in the vicinity of the Ostrava Planetarium
  • Poruba sports centre (former VOKD)
  • U Cementárny II sports centre
  • Hulváky terminal – phase II
  • Transformation of residential services at the Čtyřlístek centre
  • Public toilets – Smart WC
  • Hydrogen transport infrastructure
  • Alternative-fuel public transport vehicles
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles


  • City of Ostrava adaptation strategies addressing impacts and risks of climate change
  • Household boiler subsidy scheme
  • Revitalization of the Benátky forest park and Hulváky hill
  • Ecological clearance – Ostramo oil lagoons
  • Ostrava’s bid for the title European Green Capital 2020
  • Reconstruction and extension of collector B to Radvanice
  • Revitalization and cultivation of green areas in Ostrava


Projects not included in the Action Plan

  • Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)
  • “Clean Ostrava” app
  • Energy efficiency measures at the treatment centre for long-term illnesses in Ostrava-Radvanice
  • Energy savings at Ostrava City Hospital – insulating the kitchen/canteen block
  • Energy savings at Ostrava City Hospital
  • Dukla gallery
  • Global Experts
  • Fire stations
  • Bělský Les forest park camera system
  • Sewerage system in Plesná
  • Landscape festival OSTRAVA 2019
  • Safe City
  • Modernization of Hlubina coal mine public transport stop
  • Car park under the Bazaly bridge
  • Nádražní St. piazzetta
  • Ecostability System plan, Ostrava
  • Michálkovice sewerage system
  • Pod Žofinkou: Karolina development area – Lower Vítkovice
  • Důl Odra transport interchange – reconstruction of the tram stop
  • Poklad Cultural Centre reconstruction
  • Důlňák siphon system reconstruction – well IX
  • Reconstruction of Místecká St. pedestrian underpass
  • Reconstruction of well S14, Ostrava – Nová Ves water source
  • REPLACE – Greenery instead of concrete
  • Revitalization of Radvanice ponds
  • Revitalization of public space in Umělecká St.
  • Sports halls
  • “Black Horse” street food market
  • Svinov park
  • Public space and footbridge with panoramic views above the Bazaly stadium
  • Using the Ostravice, Odra and Opava rivers for water sports
  • Cycle access to the Odra and Olše rivers
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