Updated 10.12.2020

Ostrava’s bid for “European Green Capital 2020”

In 2017 Ostrava was a candidate for the title European Green Capital (EGC) 2020. The City submitted its bid for this prestigious European Commission award in October 2017. Previous candidates included cities such as Stockholm, Hamburg, Nantes, Ljubljana, Essen and Nijmegen (which was EGC in 2018). Ostrava’s bid emphasized the city’s achievements in revitalizing public spaces and brownfields, its modern city transport system and its excellent water management systems. The eventual winner of the 2020 title was Lisbon.

The EGC competition evaluates not only the current environmental situation in the candidate cities, but mainly their achievements over the past 5 to 10 years and their plans for the upcoming 3 years – which the city is then required to implement.

Ostrava is planning a number of activities related to sustainable development which will continue to bring the city closer to nature and which will generate substantial positive impacts on quality of life throughout the Ostrava agglomeration. These projects are being implemented regardless of the final result of the EGC bidding process.

See egc.ostrava.cz

Details about the competition
More information on Ostrava’s bid (in Czech)



Selected projects implemented as part of the EGC 2020 bid (now completed)

Selected projects implemented as part of the EGC 2020 bid (currently in the implementation phase)

European Green Capital – Ostrava’s bid in the media

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