Publikováno 10.11.2022

Ostrava City Hospital has launched construction of a new building with a hyperbaric chamber

When complete, the hospital’s new hyperbaric oxygen chamber will be able to treat around 30% more patients than previously, and the Hyperbaric Medicine Centre will rank among the most modern facilities of its type in the country. The City has already selected the building contractor – Geosan Group a.s. Work is scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2023. The Hyperbaric Medicine Centre is the only facility in Moravia to provide this type of treatment.

Patients at Ostrava City Hospital have been using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for almost 60 years. The chamber was opened on 11 September 1965, and it was the first such chamber in the former Czechoslovakia (and only the third in the whole of Europe).

Now, an entirely new building will be constructed for the Hyperbaric Medicine Centre. The chamber itself will be larger than its predecessor (with a capacity of 14 patients instead of the current 10), and it will be equipped with a full range of specialist technology for providing treatment in critical cases. A hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a large pressurized unit in which patients use special masks to inhale pure oxygen. The increased oxygen concentration helps patients suffering from chronic diseases, inflammatory conditions, or severe limb injuries. It is often used to treat patients with carbon monoxide poisoning. The current chamber treats around 40 patients per day.

Photo: Jiří Zerzoň