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Submit your projects

The Action Plan remains a live document until 2023, and we are always open to project proposals for inclusion in the Strategic Development Plan.
We will consider all project proposals to decide whether they can be included in the plan, and we will evaluate the need for the project and the feasibility of implementation. Please send us your proposals by completing this form

Help maintain our public spaces

If you notice any problems in Ostrava’s public spaces (missing or broken equipment etc.), you can use this app to report them:  www.cistaova.ostrava.cz (only in Czech language)

In previous years, members of the public have made many valuable contributions to the plan:

  • heat map
  • comments and suggestions
  • emotional map
  • urban café
  • urban walk
  • discussions in schools
  • children’s competition
  • e-survey to collect feedback and ideas
  • kissing points
  • social networks
  • comments on the document