Publikováno: 29.11.2018

The university facility for Ostrava worth a billion CZK

The University of Ostrava managed to obtain European funding for the construction of a new university facility at Černá louka in Ostrava. By the Ostravice River it will build a new university facility for sports and technology and the Art and Design Cluster.

The City of Ostrava will also contribute financially – it has already donated to the university the construction parcels and also wants to finance the construction of underground garages.

“I am very happy and that the University of Ostrava will make a significant contribution to the development of our region. Ostrava has tremendous potential, whose realization depends mainly on young people, and therefore every measure positive for students is crucial, affecting their decision on whether or not to stay in the region”, says Jan Lata, Rector of the University of Ostrava.
The funding will enable the University of Ostrava to build two important buildings. The first one is a facility for sports and technology of the Department of Human Movement Studies, which (although it is a Czech R&D leader in studies of human movement and its influence on health) does not have its own sports facilities. This extensive sports facility will serve not only for student education and related research, but also as a space for the public.

The other one is the Arts and Design Cluster of the University of Ostrava’s Faculty of Fine Arts, which also provides high quality facilities for students of musical and visual arts, thus offering added value to the public in the form of international exhibitions and concerts.

Now the University of Ostrava is about to take further administrative steps, such as obtaining a building permit or creating the as-built documentation, selecting the contractor early next year and commencing the construction in September 2019. The buildings will be available to students and the public in 2021.

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