Publikováno: 19.10.2022

The Dubina terminal will have new greenery

The Dubina terminal will undergo a significant transformation. The new greenery, the planting of which started in September, will contribute to the greater attractiveness of the area and improve the quality of public space for the city’s residents.

The Dubina terminal is an important transport hub that is used by almost 16,000 people for their transportation every day. Despite the fact that it is a busy place near a shopping center and an important transfer point for many residents of the Ostrava-Jih urban district, the quality of the public space here, especially the existing greenery, is insufficient. As part of the overall revitalization, low-quality grasslands will be replaced by new plantings of bulbs, perennials, grasses and shrubs. There will also be flowery meadows that will be created on the weedy slope along the tram track and also in the vicinity of the tram interchange. The unsightly, trampled corridors located on the slope near the stop will also be modified, replacing the concrete treads.

The greening of the Dubina terminal is part of the REPLACE project – Greenery instead of concrete. The project aims to remove non-functional, concrete areas in the Ostrava-Jih district and increase greenery in 330 places in the area most threatened by climate change. The removal concerns not only concrete surfaces, but also outdated structures previously used to knock down carpets, clothes dryers, benches, sandpits or walls. In their place, grassy islands will be created, which will be better both from an ecological point of view – rainwater absorption, dust reduction, biological diversity, etc., and from a social point of view, i.e. a public space will be created where people can spend their free time.

The main implementer of the REPLACE project is the Statutory City of Ostrava together with the municipal district Ostrava-Jih. Ostrava received 19 million crowns for the project from Norwegian funds, specifically from the Bergen subsidy call. The total project budget is 21 million crowns. The implementation itself started in May 2022 and will last until the end of 2023. Planting at the Dubina terminal should be completed in mid-November.

The REPLACE project is another of the projects to which the city of Ostrava contributes to the adaptation of the urban space to climate change. A number of other activities can be mentioned, such as the modernization and greening of tram lines, the introduction of vehicles with an alternative drive (electric, CNG) for the purposes of the Municipality of the City of Ostrava, the city police and city districts, the construction of charging stations for electric cars, the purchase of public transport vehicles with an alternative drive ( gas, CNG) and emission-free hydrogen buses as well as the construction of the first public hydrogen filling station. Bicycle transport is supported, both in the form of the creation of new bicycle paths and also in the operation of shared bicycles (bikesharing). Last but not least, there are a number of revitalized parks and other green areas built in harmony with nature, including flower beds across the city.

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