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FajnOVA is the brand for the participatory platform of the Strategic Plan. Based on a local dialect word meaning “great” combined with the abbreviation “OVA” (commonly used to denote Ostrava), it expresses the core values of the local community and local people’s involvement in building a great future for their city.

Nowadays, Ostrava is a great place to live, work and do business. However, the city still faces a number of issues which are inevitably encountered by all industrial cities undergoing a transformation as part of a shift from their traditional economic base to a more modern orientation – including problems with reputation and a mindset that is often overly self-critical. Despite these challenges, Ostrava offers a plethora of opportunities for both work and leisure, and both the municipal authorities and ordinary citizens are working hard to enhance these aspects of life; interest in community participation is growing fast. To harness this huge potential, Ostrava needs to focus more strongly on achieving clearly defined strategic goals, concentrating its efforts and resources in areas where projects can bring the greatest positive impacts on quality of life throughout the city.

Ostrava’s vision for 2030: Ostrava is a city for new beginnings!!!

Ostrava is closer to the rest of the world, closer to its people, and closer to nature! It is a self-confident European city pulsating with the energy of active people. Ostrava offers a high quality of life for all generations, and trend of young, hard-working and talented people leaving the city has been halted and reversed.

The Strategic Plan

The key role in the preparation of the Ostrava City Strategic Development Plan was played by the 21-member steering committee, made up of leading figures from various walks of life in the city. The preparations also benefited from input by other experts collaborating in several working groups. And last but not least, the Strategic Plan was created by the Ostrava community – over 20 000 people who either live in Ostrava or visited the city.

The proposed activities, projects and goals in the Strategic Plan are to be implemented in the medium term, between 2017 and 2023. However, they cannot be properly planned and implemented without taking into account the long-term vision setting out the goals for Ostrava’s future. The Strategic Plan defines long-term goals up to 2030. The period up to 2030 will also include monitoring of the various strategic indicators, because for projects completed up to 2023 there will often be a certain delay before the benefits are fully felt within the community. The monitoring and evaluation take place on a continual basis.

Strategic goals

-Building an interconnected city
-Revitalizing the historic city centre
-Being a centre for top-quality education
-Enhancing the business environment
-Supporting communities and citizens’ involvement in public life
-Creating a great environment for all generations
-Bringing the city closer to nature


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