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The City of Ostrava’s Nové Lauby residential development is revitalizing the historic city centre to make it an increasingly attractive location for living, as well as creating parking facilities for visitors to the centre.

The development will be built on a vacant lot in the heart of Ostrava, in the space surrounded by four streets (Muzejní, Velká, Dlouhá, Pivovarská). It will create a typical urban block with a polyfunctional ground level (for shops and services) and an underground parking garage. The site is located in the city centre urban heritage zone. Buildings formerly stood on the site, but later fell into disrepair and were demolished. The new development will restore the original urban structure of this part of the city centre.


The documentation and the architectural study has been compiled by the architectural studio znamení čtyř – architekti s.r.o.

The new residential complex will have a ground plan in the shape of an enclosed irregular trapezoid measuring a maximum 57.4 x 47.4 metres and with a maximum height of 19.3 metres, with flat roofs planted with vegetation. The ground floor will contain some apartments and some units for shops and services. Floors 2 to 5 will comprise a total 85 units ranging from 1 to 4 rooms. The inner courtyard area will feature an atrium with gardens.

The parking facilities at the new complex will be in an underground garage on three levels, offering a total 173 parking spaces, of which 10 will be for disabled vehicle-users and 17 will be reserved for gas-powered vehicles (CNG, LPG); these spaces will only be located in level -1. A total of 85 spaces will be reserved for residents, and 89 spaces will be available to the general public.


An archaeological rescue survey was launched in the second half of 2019 and lasted up to the year 2021. The winner of the public tender to carry out the survey was a consortium consisting of the National Heritage Institute and the City of Ostrava’s road management corporation (Ostravské komunikace). The survey lasted a year and cost 31.7 million CZK (incl. VAT).

At the beginning of 2021, the City decided to conclude a contract with a private investor Sdružení BBB Nové Lauby, who is in charge of building the residence.

Building work began at the end of July 2021. Construction will be completed in 2024 when the complex will welcome its first residents.


More information about the project: https://novelauby.cz/en

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