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The City of Ostrava, along with increasing numbers of its citizens, views cycling as a quick, eco-friendly and healthy form of individual transport, and cycling is also an ideal mode of transport for visitors to the city. In 2017, a public opinion survey showed that Ostrava’s people would be interested in using a bikesharing scheme if it was set up in the city. Currently the system operates in 15 of Ostrava’s municipal districts, with over 3000 bike loans every day on average.

In 2018 Ostrava launched a bikesharing scheme run by the Rekola company. The project was very well-received, so the City decided to expand it into other parts of the city. In 2019 Rekola ran the scheme (without funding from the City) throughout the wider city centre, with around 130 distinctive pink bikes available to borrow.

In 2019 and 2020 the winner of the tender for the bikesharing scheme was Next Bike Czech Republic.
In the 2019 season the scheme operated with 600 bikes and 210 bikesharing points where the bikes are borrowed and returned. In 2020 the scheme was expanded, and it currently operates 900 bikes at 270 separate bikesharing points. A complete list and a map are available HERE. The scheme runs from March to December. The first 15 minutes are free of charge (subsidized by the City).

Since 2021 is bikesharing in Ostrava provided by Next bike Czech Republic available more than 900 bikes in all city districts and also in in two neighbouring towns, Vřesina and Hlučín.These towns have 6 bikesharing points (15 bikes), which can be borrowed or returned anywhere in Ostrava.



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