Publikováno: 11.02.2022

Ostrava starts preliminary market consultations for the concert hall project

The City of Ostrava has started preparing the procurement procedure for one of the largest and most anticipated community amenity buildings in the Czech Republic in the last decades, a public works contract for the construction of a concert hall and renovation of the Ostrava Cultural Centre worth CZK 2.6 billion. In order to obtain the information necessary to decide on the optimal setting of procurement conditions, the city as the contracting authority decided to conduct a preliminary market consultation. It consists in addressing construction companies and obtaining their answers to defined questions, which will serve as the basis for both the appropriate setting of the procurement conditions and for the specification of the subject-matter in the selection of the construction contractor for the concert hall project and the renovation of the Cultural Centre.

The questions, which were defined in cooperation with the construction manager and consulted with the author of the project documentation and the authors of the design STEVEN HOLL ARCHITECT, P.C. and Architecture Acts s.r.o., concern the contractual, technical and scheduling aspects of the upcoming public contract. The City is inviting construction companies to register by 21 February to participate in a presentation of the concert hall project, which will be held the last week of February and include a presentation of parts of the project that are relevant to the questions. The questions include, for example, verification of the proposed solution for the pile foundation of the building, the steel structure for the roof and construction works organisation policies. The answers of the construction companies are expected by 15 March.

 “This is a unique, atypical and challenging construction. Even in much smaller projects, we see the benefits of construction companies’ practical experience in determining the best solutions. At the same time, preparing the detail design and the procurement specifications to find a contractor for such a complex building is quite a specific task. Therefore, we consider it important and useful to ask the market how it would address certain issues. At the same time, we want to find out if our procurement specifications are usual and our contractual requirements acceptable. Preliminary market consultations are a way within the framework of the Public Procurement Act by which we can consult construction companies in a transparent manner and at the same time allow potential contractors to become familiar with the basics of the project, comment on it and make it more feasible for them,” says Zuzana Bajgarová, Deputy Mayor of Ostrava.

Organisation and timetable of the Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC)

 Registration for the presentation of the concert hall project is open until 21 February 2022.

  • Preliminary presentation date is 24 February 2022.
  • Requests for information or clarifications should be sent no later than 3 March 2022.
  • Answers to the contracting authority’s inquiries should be sent by 15 March 2022.
  • If necessary, the City will initiate a second round of the PMC to answer additional questions that become apparent during the evaluation of the previous round.

 Further information and documentation on the PMC will be published on the contracting authority’s profile.


Timetable of the concert hall project


  • Approved study
  • Documentation prepared and discussed at the level of planning decision documentation
  • Documentation for a joint building permit


  • Negotiation of documentation and building permit proceedings
  • Preparation of project detail design
  • Model of the concert hall interior in 1:10 scale – necessary for final adjustment of acoustic parameters in cooperation with Nagata Acoustics and Aveton s. r. o
  • Selection of the construction contractor for the 1st phase of the construction

 Steven Holl’s building is not “just” a concert hall for Ostrava

The concert hall project, which also includes the renovation of the Ostrava Cultural Centre, was designed by the leading American architect Steven Holl with his Steven Holl Architects studio from New York in cooperation with the Prague-based studio Architecture Acts. The project is already ranked among the 10 most anticipated buildings in the world by the prestigious American magazine Architizer. The hall has the potential to become a new icon of a major cultural metropolis. In addition to a large concert hall with a capacity of 1 300 seats, the building will offer facilities for the 100-member orchestra of the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, a chamber hall with a capacity of 515 seats, an educational centre with a capacity of 200 seats, a world-class recording studio, a theatre hall with a capacity of 490 seats, a restaurant, a café, as well as several lounges and other spaces for leisure activities. Find out more about the project at and the Ostrava Concert Hall Facebook page.

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