Publikováno: 09.06.2021

Contera is set to build “Organica – a new smart office building in the heart of Ostrava

For many years, the City of Ostrava has offered substantial support to private investment projects located in the city, including the systematic preparation of a range of development sites and their presentation to potential investors.

Properly coordinated and concept-driven urban development – especially in the city centre – would not be possible without close cooperation between the public and private sectors. One of the most keenly awaited development projects in Ostrava is Organica, an office complex that will boast cutting-edge technologies (including highly advanced smart site management systems) and outstanding architecture, which is set to be built at a prestigious location in the heart of the city. The site is next to the Forum Nová Karolina shopping mall, on land that the developer has purchased from the City.

Dušan Kastl is the Managing Director at the developer Contera. He explained the advantages of the new development: “The unrivalled location of the complex, as well as its advanced structural solutions and exceptional architectural quality, will combine to make Organica a hugely attractive proposition for future clients and customers. Organica will become an integral part of Ostrava’s new city centre quarter – an area which can already boast the Forum Nová Karolina shopping mall, the Nová Karolina Park office complex and the Triple Hall leisure and cultural venue. The site is within easy walking distance of the historic city centre, as well as being very close to key transport nodes such as the central railway station and bus station. I don’t think there is a better location anywhere in Ostrava.”

Although the Karolina area is now a vibrant hub of urban development, it is actually a former brownfield site, which used to be the site of a huge industrial complex. When the Karolina coal mine and coking plant were closed down, a massive cleanup project was launched to decontaminate the area and prepare it for redevelopment. The City of Ostrava held a tender for the sale of the Organica plot, and Contera submitted the winning bid. The bid presented an exciting modern concept featuring advanced technologies while also complementing the existing buildings in the vicinity; it combines top-class office premises with retail units.

Organica is designed to minimize environmental impacts. The interior air quality and temperature are controlled by sensors which react to the concentration of people within a particular space. If a space is currently unoccupied, the volume of air directed into that zone will be reduced. The parking garage will feature a smart parking system guiding drivers to vacant spaces. The complex will also include supplementary energy sources, which will make it more self-sufficient in energy. Organica will offer charging points for electric vehicles, and the building will feature benches with integrated USB charging sockets for phones or tablets.

Although construction has not yet begun, over half the premises at the building have already been leased to tenants. The largest tenant will be TietoEVRY, a leading Scandinavian IT services and software supplier that operates globally and is moving its Czech head office to Organica. TietoEVRY will occupy almost four full floors; Contera is offering the remaining 5 000 m2 of office space to other clients. The entire project is scheduled for completion no later than Q3 of 2023.

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